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Purebon is here!
11 Mar 2011

Purebon, a blend of graphite and Teflon meets in the needs for saniatry pump mechanical seals. Designed with the tolerances for high RPM's and a wet environment. Purebon is the natural 'carbon' graphite seal replacement.


Complete replacement kits for C-114, C-216, C-218, C-328 will be available shortly. The meachanical seals are now available from stock.


Watch for the new USP Class VI mechanical seal verson soon, 

Flanged Teflon Clamp
28 Feb 2011

SaniSeals have just started developing a Flanged Teflon Gasket (FG) similar to the rubber MPFU version. The FG gasket will hold tight to the pipeline while your installing an end cap, or tighting the clamp. Contact our Customer Serice for the extact production date for your size.

Hola Mexico
17 Apr 2012

SaniSeals is pleased to introduce our Mexican Toll Free number. Our Mexican customers will have the same 24/7/365 service in Spanish/English as our North American customers.

Golden Gopherrs
10 Mar 2011

Filler Gaskets
22 Jan 2012


Filler Gaskets


SaniSeals now has "Filler Gaskets" also known as 17-136U or 17-136FSY. These gaskets are Tri Clamp on one side only, flat on the other side. Used mainly on Purepak and Scholle Fillers, but also used on Liquid Levels or Pressure Transmitters. Available in 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3" Black FDA Buna and Black FDA Viton. Now available from stock.


Platinum cured Silicone USP Class VI sizes coming soon.


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